Airplane or Flixbus, that’s the question

Airplane or Flixbus, that's the question

Twelve newsletters, twelve districts: Our people’s newsletters bring you news and stories from local Berlin. As always, the week starts with Lichtenberg and Treptow-Köpenick. Our newsletters from these two and from all other districts of Berlin can be ordered here, as well as all other district newsletters from the Tagesspiegel, here for free:

From LICHTENBERG always reports Robert Klages here are some of his topics this time: +++ By plane or the Flixbus to Brussels? The Green Party’s Dilemma After the European Election +++ “I am forced to fly” – the absurdity and perversity of our society in one sentence +++ Feminist Hip-Hop of Stasis Sons: Visiting the Rapperes of “East Berlin Androgynous” – the alternative to West German aggro-hip-hop +++ Modular Building: Back to the plate? +++ Occupied area: Is there just a second Cuvry fallow at the Rummelsburger bay? +++ Coral World wants state funds, economics pop finds the project interesting +++

And today TREPTOW-KÖPENICK writes Thomas Loy today about the following: +++ Explosive alert: Treptowers evacuated +++ Depeche Mode with steam locomotives +++ Gentrification expert Andrej Holm on Union in The First League +++ First-class bridge construction site at the Union Stadium +++ Flying quieter and saving money: New fee schedule for the BER +++ New Zaunstreit – this time in Oberschoeneweide +++ Captain von Köpenick 2.0 +++

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