Codes for Magic: The Gathering Arena – Free Maps and Styles

Free cards and cosmetic adjustments are also welcome at Magic: The Gathering Arena.


Free maps and cosmetic adjustments are also welcome at Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Recently, the developer of Magic: The Gathering Arena released a new update. This extends the trading card game with cosmetic adjustment options such as special cards and new card backs. Along with these there are also a number of new codes that unlock in addition to the cards themselves and various cosmetic items.

Here’s a summary of all currently active codes, including their validity. This includes not only styles, but also whole map packages. Each account can redeem all these codes only once. It works like this:

  • Starts Magic: The Gathering Arena
  • Navigates to the Store
  • Enter the code in the box at the top right
  • Confirmed with Enter

Note that the case of some of the codes is important. If you already own four copies of free cards, by redeeming the codes in addition to the special card style you will get progress on your vault.

More info on STARTERSTYLES: The code only works if you have not completed the beginner missions added with the latest update. These give you the same rewards. These include:

The Llanowar Elves and also the Viashino Pyromancer are among the most used maps of the current Magic: The Gathering Metas. And you will also see Luminous Bonds comparatively often. The remaining three, however, you rarely get to face.

On April 27, the pre-release of “War of the Spark” – the latest set of Magic: The Gathering began. At the same time as the maps of the paper version, the new maps also appeared in Magic: Arena.

Exclusive map preview for Magic: “Ark of the Dreadhorse” from “War of the Spark”

Magic: The Gathering Arena – In the War of the Spark Trailer, an Undead Army Fights a Dragon


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