Elon Musk: Anyone can afford an autonomous car


The boss of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, Elon Musk, expected in future no more problems for car buyers in the financing of their vehicles. With the advent of autonomous driving, the car’s economy will “change dramatically” Musk said in an interview with the podcast Ride the Lightning (MP3). It will be sufficient for the financing of a Model 3 completely, thus occupying 100 US dollars a week through the rental. “Who can not afford it?” musk asked, adding: “As long as you’re ready to get your car to take delivery, anyone can afford it.”


Musk has repeatedly announced that the Tesla models may be fully autonomous without drivers in the foreseeable future. That’s five times the value of a car, Musk said. The vehicle owners could then rent their vehicles as autonomous taxis and earn money. This concept could be interesting even for drivers of the rides Uber or Lyft, said Musk. Instead of driving themselves, the Uber drivers could buy some Tesla cars and let them drive for themselves.

Development of electric cars at the beginning

Then they could take care of car maintenance and manage the fleet. “This is much better” said Musk, “like a shepherd guarding a herd” . However, Musk did not mention that driving services like Uber and Lyft want to develop autonomous cars themselves. To what extent private owners can offer their own autonomous cars via the travel services remains to be seen. It is also unclear whether the Tesla models actually have the necessary sensor equipment to enable safe autonomous driving. Above all, the abandonment of Lidare and additional radars could turn out to be a problem.

In the one-hour talk, Musk talked about the challenges of developing the previous Tesla models. It is still not possible to build an electric car with the functions of a combustor for the same price. In addition, the developmental advantage is still too big. The development of electric cars is still in its infancy.

Futuristic pickup under $ 50,000

However, Musk also revealed some details about the design of the planned SUV version Model Y and the pickup truck. According to the pickup come for less than $ 50,000 on the market and have “incredible features” . “But he will not look like a normal truck, he looks pretty science fiction” Musk said. Therefore, he would not like everyone. The truck was not for people who wanted to have a pickup as it had been built in the past decades. At the beginning of automobile history, however, there were also people who had clung to their horse-drawn carriages.

As far as the functions are concerned, the Tesla will be better than the Ford F150 as a truck and better than a standard version of the Porsche 911 as a sports car. He’s a kind of Blade Runner truck, Musk said in reference to the science fiction movies. From the vehicle so far no complete designs have been published, only the sketch of a front view.

Musk acknowledged, however, that it would not make sense to bring new products to market if enough battery power could not be produced. Even after last year’s total battery capacity was focused on the Model 3, Tesla were often run out of batteries. “We want to make sure that does not happen again” Musk said. If the Model Y was already on the market, no additional cars could be built because there would be no battery cells for it.

Nobody wants to use Supercharger

But not only in the cars, also in the charging infrastructure Tesla is still ahead of the competition. The established manufacturers have so far made no attempt to take advantage of the worldwide fast charging stations of Tesla. “Nobody contacted me” Musk said, “Maybe other people in the company who did not tell me about it, but no other manufacturer contacted me to say they used them want. “ The German manufacturers instead try to build their own fast charging network with Ionity in Europe.

An Audi manager even revealed his willingness to cooperate with Tesla on the CCS charging standard, which Tesla is now converting to its charging stations. But a request did not seem to have been made. Such cooperation would bring a great advantage to many electric car drivers, especially on long-haul routes.


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