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Once again, 14 celebrities have found their way to their sporting limits. Five are still here. Who will be in the lead in “Let’s Dance” in 2019?

The last five. Who makes it to the semi-finals? © TVNOW / Gregorovius

“Let’s Dance” 2019 was a particularly short joke for Jan Hartmann, but also Özcan Cosar, Lukas Rieger, Thomas Rath, Kerstin Ott, Ulrike Frank, Sabrina Mockenhaupt, Oliver Pocher and finally Barbara Becker had to dance shoes again Nail hanging. In the quarter-final show on May 31, 2019, the five remaining candidates in addition to their couple dance must also complete a so-called trio dance. If you dance something, you read at the end of the article. In the last show Ms. Becker had to go, but the highly-favored Ella Endlich had to shiver – it will be exciting who has to leave the show today, just before the semifinals.

Broadcast Dates, Live Stream & Recurrence

  • After the kick-off on 15/03/2019, there will be 12 more live shows that will air every Friday from 8:15 pm .
  • If you can not follow the show on TV, you can also watch the show live online. TVNOW offers you a premium account for $ 4.99 which includes all live streams as well as entire season stints on demand.
  • If you only want the station live streams, you can also choose the cheaper offer for 2.99 euros per month, but then you can not watch “A city looking for a murderer” or other exciting series with his account.
  • TVNOW offers you a one-time 30-day free trial to test the live streams and more.
  • Recurrence : After the show you can also repeat the program completely free of charge and without registration in the stream.

Who the candidates and candidates are in 2019, who they train with, what dances they danced and danced and when they had to leave the show, you can see in this gallery:

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“Let’s Dance” 2019: Candidates, couples, dances – who’s out? (Show 1-10)

What is being danced today? The tenth dances of the participants as a list

  • Evelyn Burdecki & Evgeny Vinokurov: Slow Waltz – “Without You” (Mariah Carey) & Trio Dance with Robert Beitsch: Paso Doble: “Free Your Mind” (En Vogue)

  • Ella Finale & Valentin Lusin: Charleston – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious “(Marry Poppins) & Trio Dance with Renata Lusin: Rumba:” Lovesong “(Adele Cover))

  • Benjamin Piwko & Isabel Edvardsson: Tango – “Diferente” (Gotan Project) & Trio Dance with Regina Luca: Samba: “Brazil (Aquanela Do Brazil)” (Antonio Carlos Jobim

  • Pascal Hens & Ekaterina Leonova: Slowfox: “Go Gentle” (Robbie Williams) & Trio Dance with Marta Arndt: Charleston: “Entry Of The Gladiators” (Julius Fucik)
  • Nazan Eckes & Christian Polanc: Samba: “Every Way That I Can” (Sertab Erener) & Trio Dance with Massimo Sináto: Tango: “A Media Luz” (Carlos Gardel)

The moderation will again be hosted by Daniel Hartwich and Victoria Swarovski, in the jury Jorge Gonzalez, Motsi Mabuse and Joachim Llambi will have to scrutinize the dancing qualities of the participants. All information about “Let’s Dance” can be found in the special at RTL.de.

V.l.o .: Benjamin Piwko, Ella Endlich, Oliver Pocher, Barbara Becker, Lukas Rieger, Nazan Eckes and Pascal Hens. V.l.u .: Ulrike Frank, Özcan Cosar, Kerstin Ott, Thomas Rath, Evelyn Burdecki, Jan Hartmann and Sabrina Mockenhaupt. © TVNOW / Stefan Gregorovius

Season 12 Professional Dancers

Marta Arndt (29), Katja Kalugina (25), Regina Luca (30), Kathrin Menzinger (30), Isabel Edvardsson (36), Ekaterina Leonova (31), Christina Luft (29), Christian Polanc (40) , Evgeny Vinokurov (28), Erich Klann (31), Valentin Lusin (31), Massimo Sinató (38) and Robert Beitsch (27).

Ingolf Lück is “Dancing Star 2018”. His dance partner Ekaterina Leonova on the right. © RTL Stefan Gregorovius

A tough competition

The celebrities must give their all in the weeks of their participation. Every week there is a new dance style to learn. Samba, cha-cha-cha, waltz, freestyle or foxtrot: everything can be requested. Every week a couple has to leave the show, who does not train disciplined or has a lot of talent, flies out. The jury’s scores and the calls and text messages of the spectators decide who can continue to dance in front of an audience of millions.

The winning pair will be titled “Dancing Star 2019”. Last year Ingolf Lück was with the professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova.

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“Let’s Dance”: For the 80s special, the stars show their children’s photos

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