Trump pays May great recognition

Trump pays May "great recognition"


The second day of Donald Trump’s state visit to London on Tuesday was scheduled to confirm American friendship for Brexit Island. However, due to the UK’s delayed exit from the EU and Theresa May’s resignation at the end of the week, there was a hint of provisional nature over the political talks between the PM and the US president. In front of bosses from both sides of the Atlantic, Trump promised a “very, very far-reaching trade agreement” and said to May: “Stay in office. Let’s make the deal. ”

The scene behind the locked doors of St. James’s Palace completes the series of embarrassing encounters between the two politicians. May rushed to Washington immediately after Trump’s inauguration in January 2017 to reaffirm her loyalty to the newly elected, after London blatantly betrayed Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton during the election campaign. Even then, the president spoke of the “rapid trade agreement”; The delighted Prime Minister pronounced the invitation to the state visit, which she now believed she had to redeem.

Trump pays tribute to May for Brexit Deal

Last year, Trump used a working visit to Britain to humiliate his interlocutor before the world press. May disregarded his advice for negotiating with the EU, including the request to sue the Brussels club for unspecific complaints. In the run-up to the current visit, the politician involved in trade wars with China and Mexico campaigned for the No-Exit Chaos Brexit. At the press conference on Tuesday, however, Trump pledged that May had taken the deal a long way: “They deserve great credit,” he told the Prime Minister.

Even after a harsh or even chaotic exit from the EU, experts say the details of such an agreement are much more complicated than Trump’s suggestion. British Foreign Trade Minister Liam Fox, a staunch Brexitian, warned on Tuesday about sobriety in timing. Political considerations on both sides of the Atlantic, not least the US presidential election next year, made a speedy conclusion unlikely.

The details remain nebulous, too. A spokesman for the British industrial lobby CBI suggested an easing of the visa requirements as an immediate measure, which are however already handled relatively unbureaucratically anyway. While the British hope for better access for their service providers, Americans want to sell cheap foods, including chlorinated chicken and hormone beef. With great interest, US health companies are eyeing potential bulk orders in the NHS tax-funded National Health System.

Such an opening of the NHS will be “hard-fought” by his party, Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn said at a protest rally in front of Parliament, which coincided with the Anglo-American talks on Downing Street. The opposition leader and Liberal Democrat leader Vincent Cable had denied their participation in the state banquet the day before and denied the opportunity to hold a meeting with the visitor.

“Taster Dates” with Johnson, Hunt, and Gove

The gaps in the visit calendar were to fill Trump’s team with taster appointments with the main candidates for Theresa May’s succession in party and state office. Earlier, the president had raved that ex-Foreign Minister Boris Johnson would make “an excellent prime minister.” Johnson’s successor Jeremy Hunt was able to parley several times during the two days visiting the office with Trump. On Tuesday leaked that also Environment Minister Michael Gove was asked for a personal conversation.

The trio is considered by the bookmakers to be the favorites of the conservative lower house faction, whose members from next week onwards will be able to filter out two candidates from the 12-person candidate field. These two then have to make the primary election by the approximately 160000 conservative party members. For these almost exclusively white people, mostly older and wealthier than the average, a good relationship with the most important ally should play an important role.

The three Trump interlocutors Gove, Hunt and Johnson are graduates of the elite Oxford University, have many years of political experience, not least in the Cabinet, have their 50th Birthday behind and are convinced friends of America. While Johnson and Hunt consider the Chaos Brexit on October 31 possible, Gove only speaks of the EU withdrawal must go to the next lower house elections on the stage. These will rise at the latest in early summer 2022.

The outgoing PM urged the president to step up international cooperation, not least on climate change and on Iranian politics. Demonstratively, May presented her visitor with a copy of the Atlantic Charter, one of the founding documents of the UN. At the state banquet on Monday evening, Queen Elizabeth II spoke of the importance of those international institutions for the protection of peace in which the United States and the United Kingdom had played a crucial role.

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