Two cheaters are in the final of the Fortnite World Cup

The community is angry: Two players have qualified for the final of the Fortnite Cup. Before that, they cheated.


The community is angry: Two players have qualified for the final of the Fortnite Cup. Before that, they cheated.

Cheaters are unfair, spoil the fun of other players, and do not enjoy a particularly high reputation. There are, of course, gradations: Those who cheat only in single-player games, comes off better than someone who cheats with Aimbot in the multiplayer shooter.

In e-sports tournaments, cheaters are an absolute taboo, after all, this is a lot of money. In the case of the Fortnite World Cup, it’s even the highest prize money in e-sports history .

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For the final in New York alone, Epic pours $ 30 million . Those who qualify receive $ 50,000. The problem: Two players who cheated in the qualifying round also take part in this final.

How did this happen? The said players are XXiF and code ronaldo, who were caught cheating and boosting in an early qualifying round, disqualified and eliminated from the tournament.

However, this ban was only for two weeks so the duo could still qualify later in the tournament. The qualifying round extends over ten weeks.

XXiF was caught working with friends who deliberately let him kill him. For an elimination you get points in the World Cup and get additional resources. The clip can be found in the top tweet.

Incidentally, this practice is called boosting – cheating players up the ladder without directly using a cheat program.

At the Fortnite Community, Epic’s decision to allow the two cheaters to the finale encounters Misunderstanding . On Reddit, a user named Rex shared a humorous video that criticized Schummler and Epic.

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It said: »A cheater has just qualified for the biggest prize pool in the history of e-sports.« Other users agree with his criticism in the comment section. How To Write User Arctic Assassin:


“That’s so stupid, now every cheater will try to qualify, do not worry, you’ll get a 14-day ban, and you can join again after two weeks.”


Even well-known members of the Fortnite community do not hold back. Fortnite professional and streamer DrLupo writes:


“A cheater qualifying for a $ 30 million tournament is a slap in the face for the integrity of the competitive Fortnite community, who loves or hates the game, but everyone should agree.”


And the caught cheater XXiF? He writes, “See you in New York.

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